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It's good to plan your Punta Cana vacation in advance. Before you come here, book a flight and find the perfect resort for yourself. Once you arrive on the airport, there are many transportations available.

Tour Operators:

The easiest way for sure is if you are travelling with a travel agency. Since they all organize charter flights, they also book transportation in advance, so there are buses waiting in the airports to drive visitors to their hotels and resorts. This is a real money saver… Also, I highly recommend you to attend welcome mettings offered by you tour operator because you'll find many useful infomation about your resort, Punta Cana attractions and more.

Local Buses:

You can find a transportation for a minimun price. Local buses tend to be safe and effective, although sometimes you'll see a bus crowded with passengers.


There are many taxi drivers available on the airport. For a resonable price, they will drive you to your location. Just make sure to ask how much it will cost you before you take a cab. They all operate with standard rates.

Rent A Car:

Driving in Dominican Republic can be a difficult task. They have different laws and habits, so make sure you take a maximum available insurance when renting a car. There are many car rental agencies and you can find a vehicle at a very good price. You must be at least 25 years old and you'll need a valid driver's license or an international driving permit.

Some resorts even offer shuttles to their guests. They will come and pick you up, but you have to let them know when your flight is schedule to arrive.

If you haven't found the perfect hotel or resort yet, go to Punta Cana All-Inclusive Resorts for more details.

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